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Products, exclusively sold by Smile 4 You have had the longest proven track record of any teeth whitening kits.Tooth Whitening Kits

We have sold teeth whitening products that were developed by America's leading dentists over 20 years ago.

Those products have sold literally millions of kits since then and with more than 20 years history and over 6 years of trading online, we've certainly learnt a thing or two about teeth whitening.

Obviously you can see the benefits of purchasing from an extremely successful company, with such a long history and experience in the marketplace.

Smile 4 You has been refined over the years into the market leader it is now. If you compare us with our competitors... there really is no competition.

  • This gel has been sold in many major outlets in America for well over 20 years and has been supplied to thousands of dentists worldwide. (Yes, it's exactly the same as you get at the dentist! BUT FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST.)
  • With 4 TIMES MORE GEL than other kits ... no other brand can compete with the incredibly low cost per treatment of our kits.
  • Smile 4 You has a SHELF LIFE OF 2 YEARS, so no waste.
  • You can use the remaining gel to keep your new pearly white smile topped up! And it won't cost you any more money.

You know that teeth whitening products work, but you just want to know which is the best one for the quickest and safest results. Well you should also know, that you do not need to look any further!

The Smile 4 You kit is the answer to perfect white teeth - order today.


A bright white smile always looks attractive.

But you know that of course, because that's more than likely why you're here.

You realise that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and judge you on. A big, bright open smile is always more warm and welcoming, and it can really win people over quickly.

If you are embarrassed about your smile, maybe due to discolouration or staining, it can make it really difficult to smile openly. You really don't want people to see your teeth, right?

But smiling is universally known as an expression of both happiness and friendliness and it's recognised as such in virtually every country and culture on earth.

Not only that but a smiley person is often considered to be more sociable, attractive, charming, pleasant and even more sincere, than a non-smiling person.

When you have discoloured teeth, it's difficult to look happy or friendly when you are smiling through closed lips!

Worried about safety? You should be but NOT with our kit!

Our products are all FDA approved - we have also been selling online for 6+ years!

The most effective way to whiten your teeth ...

Home Teeth Whitening KitsMaybe before you found our site, you have tried other ways to try and whiten your teeth?

There are many toothpastes around that claim to do the job. Unfortunately, although they can make a little bit of a difference on very lightly discoloured or stained teeth, they don't stand a chance against anything more.

If you've been a regular smoker of coffee drinker, you can forget the whitening toothpastes down at the supermarket. You need more cleaning power than they can provide.

The problem is, the stains and discolouration work their way into tiny pore like holes in your teeth and stay there. Brushing won't shift these, no matter how hard you try.

You can of course turn to your dentist to whiten your teeth, but it can be very expensive. You'll also have to book appointments, so it can be inconvenient and time consuming.

The other thing to remember is that the majority of dentists use the same kind of gel that Smile 4 You delivers to you ... in fact many dentists use this ACTUAL gel, as it is sold to dentists all over the world.

We've made it so easy to get a dentist white smile ... in the comfort of your home. Our kits contain everything you need. The gel, the trays that you warm up and mould to the shape of your own teeth and simple to follow instructions.

Fast, Fast, Fast, FAST results!
We are not playing around, you will see results within 30 minutes - order today.

After purchasing from Smile 4 You your teeth will quickly and easily become up to 11 shades whiter!

  • It couldn't be easier to use and you could be seeing actual visible results in only 30 minutes.
  • With 120ml/cc of 16% Carbamide Peroxide gel, Smile 4 You has 4 TIMES MORE GEL than virtually any other teeth whitening kit. And don't worry about losing your new smile, as fast as you got it ... Smile 4 You's results can last up to 2 years.
  • We answer ALL enquires in 24 hours without fail.
  • Your purchase is risk free and stress free thanks to our FULL 14 day money back guarantee.

We support you ALL the way. You can contact us at any time and our USA and worldwide customer support team will be there to help you. We guarantee you a perfect smile or your money back.

Why is Smile 4 You so effective?Tooth Whitening Kits Guaranteed

The active ingredient in Smile 4 You is hydrogen peroxide also known as Carbamide Peroxide.

If you look under a microscope, there are noticeable pores on the surface of your teeth. Foods and drinks get into these pores causing teeth to darken, stain and become discoloured.

The hydrogen peroxide molecules in Smile 4 You are extremely small and quickly enter the pores in your teeth. In around 10-20 minutes the gel has been absorbed by your teeth.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Once inside the pores, the hydrogen peroxide produces active oxygen, which then turns the coloured compounds to colourless compounds.

It's powerful stuff and your teeth can actually be whitened in under 2 weeks with as little as 30 minutes per day treatment time!

Products we have sold have had many TV & Magazine reviews and appearances! Why would we appear so many times?
Because products sold by Smile 4 You work - simple.

The strength of the whitener is VERY important. Higher is NOT better.

Be very careful of the sites offering tooth whiteners with ridiculously high levels of peroxide in. Unfortunately they don't mention that these high levels can burn your gums and damage your teeth.

We use the optimal, most effective yet safe amount.

Because Smile 4 You are so experienced in teeth whitening we know what is safe and what works. We only use 16% Carbamide Peroxide because it's proven to be BOTH effective AND safe.

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Safe, Effective & Quick Teeth Whitening From Smile 4 You - Order Today.

I'm sure you'll agree, purchasing from Smile 4 You is the best choice.

Just compare us to our competitors...

  • Products with a proven track record, safety history and media reviews. Literally MILLIONS of kits sold.
  • Whitening gel certified by the Food & Drug Administration of America (FDA) as 100% safe.
  • At an incredibly low price per treatment, none of our competitors come even close to the value for money you get with our kits.
  • Up to 4 times more gel than our competitors... which is enough extra gel to keep your new bright and beautiful smile topped up without spending extra money.
  • Our complete peace of mind, RISK FREE 14 day guarantee.

Guaranteed to work, rated #1 by hundreds of indendent soures, the choice is easy - Smile 4 You is a must buy for that perfect smile.

Your New, Sparkling Smile 4 You Smile Will Send Your Confidence Through The Roof:

An end to the embarrassment of your discoloured or stained, dull smile.

With the confidence boost you'll get with Smile 4 You, meeting new people, socialising or dating will all be a complete breeze.

All that's left is to click here and place your order ... then get ready for all the amazing compliments you'll soon be getting (results within just 30 minutes)

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